The VSSL X Series


We live in a world where streaming music is a necessary tool in any home. End-users don’t just want to be restricted to just streaming music on their devices. With the help of the VSSL X Series, they don’t have to. VSSL allows end-users to stream music from their favorite devices directly to their home speakers. The VSSL X series gives everyone the freedom to use any app on any device to play any audio. 

Here are just some things to keep in mind when considering the VSSL X Series for you next job: 

  • VSSL provides audio streaming amplifiers that allows end-users to stream music to their home audio systems. 
  • End-users can have multiple rooms playing in complete unison while others stream their own playlist. 
  • Connect and control directly from the music apps using Airplay2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast built-in or Alexa Cast. No third party apps necessary. 
  • VSSL also works with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. 
  • VSSL powers in-ceiling speakers or high-end bookshelf speakers to elevate sound. 
  • Choose between 1 Zone, 3 Zones or 6 with the A.1X, A.3X and A.6X. 
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