Why Broadline Carries Panamax

This past week Broadline received its first shipment of Panamax products. From power distributors to plug-in surge protectors, Broadline is determined to provide our customers with all of the products they need to protect electronic devices from spikes, surges, and faulty power conditions. Their power management products give audio/video systems the pure, noise-free power they need for superlative performance, providing longevity to the components connected while protecting them from damage caused by power surges, dirty power, lightning, and more.  Here are some reasons why you should give it a chance:

  1. They are number one in surge protection and are leaders in the industry. 
    1. Panamax protects and maximizes the performance of customer’s valuable electronics – from home theater systems to appliances. That’s why top home technology pros make Panamax their #1 choice for surge protection and performance year after year.
    2. Panamax was the first to introduce automatic over/under voltage protection, resulting in fewer service calls and maxim longevity of connected equipment 
    3. They introduced modular protection systems that address a wide variety of AC and other signal line combinations, allowing customers to expand their protection as needs grow.
    4. They were the first to combine AC and telephone/modem protection, AC and coax cable protection (CATV and Satellite), protection specifically for satellite systems, and AC and LAN/data line protection.
  2. Panamax allows our customers to control and monitor products with the BlueBolt mobile app. BlueBOLT was the original IP Power Management platform, and now the new BlueBOLT 2.0 sets a new standard for remote management, with anintuitive and fast UI backed by a robust new IP infrastructure for maximum reliability. BlueBOLT pairs with Panamax and Furman power conditioners, the most comprehensive protection and performance in the market, used for mission-critical projects world-wide. Here are some of the benefits of BlueBolt:

    1. Reduces service calls with remote reboots of problem devices
    2. Maximizes network health with scheduled power cycles
    3. Auto-heals network devices to save money and time
    4. Empowers integrators to monitor the power integrity, client’s locations, device status, event logs and permissions per site





Buy the D10-PFP
Buy the M2a20
Buy the m4000-pro
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Buy the M4320-PRO
Buy the M5300-PM
Buy the MB850
Buy the MD2
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