Everything You Need to Know About the Lutron and Sonos Integration

Did you know Lutron systems, such as Caseta Wireless, HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2, are compatible with Sonos music-streaming systems? This means sight and sound can now be integrated into one experience.

Lutron and Sonos work together to control a home’s light and sound in a simple, yet very powerful way. Click here to see how to integrate a Sonos System with RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS Systems.

End-users will be able to set the perfect scene with lighting, shade, and music at the touch of the Lutron Pico remote. The Pico remote control for audio allows the end-user to play/pause Sonos speakers, raise or lower the volume, skip tracks and change between the end-users favorite stations or playlists.The remote can be used from the counter or on the wall. End-users can also download the Lutron App which allows for control, scheduling, and other smart home automation. They can interact with music as easily as they interact with lights, and in exactly the same way. Their favorite light levels, temperature setting and music choices add a layer of uniqueness that’s theirs alone.

End-users can create manual scenes that control lights, shades, and sound together, such as a Dinner scene or a Relax scene. The end-user can also create scheduled scenes to automatically control lights, shades, and sound together, such as a Wake up scene and an All‐off scene. Additionally, the geofencing feature or the Nest Home/Away Assist feature can automatically start playing speakers before the end-user arrives home and automatically turn off all speakers when they leave.

Additionally, the Pico remote control for audio does not only work with Sonos. A Smart Bridge PRO can integrate Caséta Wireless system with any compatible A/V system and program the remote to control the audio of that particular A/V system. All Sonos speakers are compatible with Caséta Wireless, including the play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar, sub, and amp.


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