As Epson’s ONLY distributor of the Carolinas, Broadline is proud to offer the new EpiqVision™ Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV.


What is the EpiqVision™?

The EpiqVision™ Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV speaks to a new age of television. With its impressive 4K HDR viewing experience, it rethinks the ordinary TV by offering an impressive picture that can be up to 120-Inches.

Whether your customers are watching the Panthers game, streaming their favorite series, gaming or watching the latest movie from Netflix, the EpiqVision™ Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV will leave them stunned from the comfort of their own living rooms.

The EpiqVision combines a small but advanced laser-array projector with a high resolution ambient-light-rejecting screen that produces a sharp picture in nearly any viewing environment an end-user chooses to install it.

Why should you sell EpiqVision™?

As more and more end-users continue to make improvements to their homes, they will look towards this new age of entertainment. Epson’s projection TV does not need an entire home theater to experience its immersive display. Its goal is to become the new and better version of the standard television.

Get the EpiqVision LS500WATV120EP GET the Epiqvision LS500WATV100EP


Key Features of the Epson EpiqVision LS500 Laser Projection TV

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