Announcement: Broadline Now Offers Sonos

After popular demand, Broadline is proud to announce it now offers Sonos. Thank you to our customers for years of loyalty and patience as we continue to move forward in the future of streaming.

Founded in 2002, the Santa Barbara-based company provides the ultimate wireless home sound system: a whole-house WiFi network that fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room.

Dedicated to reinventing home audio for today and tomorrow, they are not limited by what’s possible now. With a bold vision for the future of home sound, they’ve helped invent the technology we needed.

With over 50 streaming services, 500 patents and 60 countries under their belt, Sonos has the brand recognition you need to reinvent residential and commercial spaces alike.

From the Arc to the Move, Broadline is excited to offer the Sonos products you need. Call, email and place your orders today!

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