5 Soft Kills Any AV Pro Should Have

For starter, what are soft kills?  

Soft skills are character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s relationship with other people. In industries that require customer care, soft skills are essential to having a successful business and relationship with customers and co-workers. Since many of our customers typically focus on understanding and interacting with technology, learning to engage with people falls to background. Here are soft skills Broadline believes are non-negotiables when it comes growing a business in the AV world.  

  • Effective Communication: When there is effective communication, you can ensure that less mistakes will be made. Communicating effectively is characterized by such things as active listening, using self for messages, conflict management, positive body language, and asking the right questions. 
  • Teamwork: Working with other employees towards a common goal requires individuals to know when they are a leader and when they are a listener. Having a good balance between the two helps keep a balanced work environment. Employees should be receptive to the needs and responsibilities of others.  
  • Conflict Resolution: Not every job is going to be perfect or run smoothly. Some jobs will require some serious conflict resolution. Whether the conflict is between an employee and a customer or another employee, having the ability to come to a resolution will allow for a positive work environment and relationship with customers.  
  • Networking: Networking, or forming professional relationships with people, is an important part of any job. It never hurts to meet other people in the industry or profession. There are many benefits to networking, including the receiving and sharing of ideas, learning about new opportunities, increasing business, getting advice from other professionals, surrounding yourself with other motivated people in the field, and even making new friends. 
  • Time Management: Having good time management allow you to get more done and ensures that deadlines are met. With less wasted time  
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is someone’s ability to recognize, understand and manage their own emotions, while also recognizing, understanding and influencing the emotions of others. It really is about reading the room when it comes to this one!  

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